Part of speech: adjective

Without foundation; unfounded; groundless.

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Usage examples "baseless":

  1. If my suspicion is baseless, no one is injured." - "The Good Time Coming", T. S. Arthur.
  2. With regard to the passage quoted, what seems to me really melancholy is not the baseless self- distrust, for that is a transitory malady most incident to authorship; but that, could a magic carpet have transported Stevenson at that moment to the side of the friend he addressed- could he for an hour or two have visited London- all this apprehension had been at once dispelled. - "Adventures in Criticism", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
  3. And in that moment he warned himself to be calm, to discount the nameless fears- surely baseless fears- which assailed him. - "Children of the Desert", Louis Dodge.