Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: noun

A darkcolored igneous rock, often of columnar structure.

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Usage examples "basalt":

  1. Think how they beat and tear, and drive and drag, until even the hardest rock, like basalt, becomes honeycombed into strange galleries and passages- Fingal's Cave, for instance- and the softer parts are crumbled away. - "Pioneers of Science", Oliver Lodge.
  2. It winds around high mountains of basalt; its sides are steep; its bed is encumbered with immense blocks of rock, fallen from the sides of the mountains, which render it impossible to walk along its banks. - "Adventures in the Philippine Islands", Paul P. de La Gironière.
  3. 18 Hebrew adds a basalt pillar and, after bronze, against all the land. - "Jeremiah", George Adam Smith.