Part of speech: noun

A building for the lodgment of soldiers; a roof for sheltering hay, etc.

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Usage examples "barrack":

  1. The sun looks over the barrack gate, Warm and white with glaring shine, To watch the soldiers of the Line That life has hired to fight with fate. - "Counter-Attack and Other Poems", Siegfried Sassoon.
  2. And whether from the national irony or the national economy, I know not, but the stopping of either kind of fire has the same call attached to it, and you must turn out a light in a French barrack- room to the same notes as you must by command stop shooting at the other people. - "On Something", H. Belloc.
  3. This done, he repaired to his friend Henri, willing for one more night to forego his greatness; and there, in his friend's small barrack- room, the supreme in the colony- the idol of his colour- slept, as he had hoped for his boys, as tranquilly as if he had been at Breda. - "The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance", Harriet Martineau.