Part of speech: noun

The rank of a baronet. Baronetship.

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Usage examples "baronetcy":

  1. The paragraph which the colonel pointed out with his thick forefinger was this: " By the death of Sir George Tressillian Morgan an ancient baronetcy has become extinct. - "Jack O' Judgment", Edgar Wallace.
  2. " Descendants, sir," retorted the curate, " of a miserly, money- spinning old scoundrel, who gave impecunious James the First so many hundred pounds for a contemptible baronetcy, which has come down to one of as disgraceful a pair as ever sat like a blight upon a pleasant English village." - "The Man with a Shadow", George Manville Fenn.
  3. It came to my knowledge, through what passed between Mrs. Pocket and Drummle while I was attentive to my knife and fork, spoon, glasses, and other instruments of self- destruction, that Drummle, whose Christian name was Bentley, was actually the next heir but one to a baronetcy. - "Great Expectations", Charles Dickens.