Part of speech: noun

A foreigner.

Part of speech: adjective

Uncivilized; cruel; barbarous.

Part of speech: noun

An uncivilized, coarse, or rude person; anciently, a foreigner.

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Usage examples "barbarian":

  1. Words were needless; they could not petition with such eloquence- A barbarian could not have refused. - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.
  2. In a fit of anger he cried out at the sorry condition of the Hellenes, thus forced to flatter the barbarian for the sake of money. - "Hellenica", Xenophon.
  3. And now let all those come who love Paradise, the place of quiet, the place of safety, the place of eternal happiness, the place where the Barbarian need be feared no more. - "Saint Augustin", Louis Bertrand.