Part of speech: verb

Same as BAPTIZE.

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Usage examples "baptise":

  1. Hither came St. Patrick to baptise Owen and his family; hither came St. Columba before his exile to Iona; hither captive Danes were dragged in triumph. - "The Charm of Ireland", Burton Egbert Stevenson.
  2. From the walls above, a priest sometimes would lean down with a blessing, or draw up an infant newly born into all this misery, baptise it, and lower it again to die; but never a crumb of bread came out of starving Rouen. - "The Story of Rouen", Sir Theodore Andrea Cook.
  3. These are the names of the Powers who are over the Waters of Life: Michar and Micheu; and they baptise in the name of Barpharanges. - "The Gnôsis of the Light", F. Lamplugh.