Part of speech: verb

To strike with a heavy sound; knock; beat.

Part of speech: verb

To cut straight across, as the front hair.

Part of speech: noun

A sudden or noisy blow, thump, whack, or explosion.

Part of speech: noun

Front hair cut straight across.

Part of speech: adverb

With a violent blow or loud and sudden noise; abruptly.

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Usage examples "bang":

  1. He shut the door with a bang, and in a minute we were running through the town. - "The Ghost Ship", Richard Middleton.
  2. " The children wouldn't 'ear of anyfink but 'angin' up a stockin' for me- and I'm blowed if it wasn't bang full this mornin'. - "Captain Jim", Mary Grant Bruce.
  3. All at once, Bang! - "Out of Doors--California and Oregon", J. A. Graves.