What does the word baggy mean?

Usage examples for baggy

  1. From a view of the market place at Cottbus in Brandenburg you may get a better idea of the people at a German market; the servants with their umbrellas, their big baskets, their baggy blouses and no hats, the middle class housewife with a hat or a bonnet, and a huge basket on her arm, a nursemaid in peasant costume stooping over her perambulator, other peasants in costume at the stalls, and two of the farm carts that are in some districts yoked oftener with oxen than with horses. – Home Life in Germany by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick
  2. An old man in a skull cap, woolen shirt, baggy trousers and carpet slippers appeared in a darkened doorway. – Erik Dorn by Ben Hecht
  3. His companion, on the contrary, whom he always appears to be making fun of, is of the type of the true porcelain doll, with the moving head; he is from fifty to fifty- five years old, like a monkey in the face, the top of his head half shaven, the pigtail down his back, the traditional costume, frock, vest, belt, baggy trousers, many- colored slippers; a China vase of the Green family. – The Adventures of a Special Correspondent by Jules Verne