What does the word attribute mean?

Usage examples for attribute

  1. For it will be found that birds have at least one attribute of genius: they can do their best only on great occasions. – Birds in the Bush by Bradford Torrey
  2. We likewise beseech your lordships, with all due humility and reverence, not to attribute our coming to temerity, but to accept and judge it by the spirit that has prompted it, which is the wish to act according to God's precepts as we are obliged to do. – Bartholomew de Las Casas; his life, apostolate, and writings by Francis Augustus MacNutt
  3. Yet after all is said, the meaning of Mr. Webster's speech in our history and its significance to us are, that it set forth with every attribute of eloquence the nature of the Union as it had developed under the Constitution. – Daniel Webster by Henry Cabot Lodge