Part of speech: verb

To dress; array; adorn.

Part of speech: noun

Dress or clothing; apparel; garments; costume; adornment.

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Usage examples "attire":

  1. Noting Worth's and Phil's disordered attire and the bound, somewhat bruised captive inside the tonneau, the foremost man came forward, saying to the two lads: Well, well! - "The Auto Boys' Vacation", James A. Braden.
  2. You are not quite ready- he said- and with the word he gave into my hands a folded garment and veil- You must attire yourself in these. - "The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance", Marie Corelli.
  3. They saw the street and the orchard filled with peasants in their holiday attire, moving about the market- place and along the houses. - "The Wrack of the Storm", Maurice Maeterlinck.