Part of speech: adjective

Of or pertaining to Attica or Athens in Greece; classic; witty.

Part of speech: noun

A half- story next the roof; a garret.

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Usage examples "attic":

  1. The night Elfrida was married, Heartsease again said she did not feel well, and she went to the little room in the attic, and waited by the window while the light faded from the twilight sky. - "The Blue Rose Fairy Book", Maurice Baring.
  2. Do you remember the old spinning wheel we have up in the attic? - "Bobby of Cloverfield Farm", Helen Fuller Orton.
  3. But now from the open attic windows were heard such piercing shrieks that they all with one consent turned in that direction. - "What Two Children Did", Charlotte E. Chittenden.