Part of speech: verb

To make expiation for; make amends; propitiate; appease; reconcile.

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Usage examples "atone":

  1. I do not know, Gerty; perhaps it is not; and, if it be, I trust before I go hence, I shall be blessed with a spirit of perfect submission, to atone for the occasional murmuring of a mother's heart? - "The Lamplighter", Maria S. Cummins.
  2. But the young man was really trying to atone for his sins, for a reason Elizabeth could never have guessed, and he now sidled up to her holding something in his hand. - "'Lizbeth of the Dale", Marian Keith.
  3. They only produced one, Sir Charles Tucker, and he did his best to atone for the accident of his English birth by marrying a Kerry lady. - "The Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent", S.M. Hussey.