Part of speech: verb

To attack with violence; assail.

Part of speech: noun

Any attack; charge of troops.

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Usage examples "assault":

  1. " Don't assault the only guide, philosopher and friend you've got who has the courage to tell you a few home truths. - "The Shadow of the East", E. M. Hull.
  2. He said his company was selected to be of the assault, adding with a fine colour and very cheerful, that here in a packet were letters he had writ to his father and to my Aunt Gainor, and here, too, another- this with a little hesitation- for Miss Darthea. - "Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker", S. Weir Mitchell.
  3. Having pushed Wilson's troopers well back, the Confederates withdrew once more to the creek, waiting for what might be a second assault. - "Ride Proud, Rebel!", Andre Alice Norton.