Part of speech: verb

To stop suddenly; check; fix.

Part of speech: verb

To take into custody.

Part of speech: noun

An arresting; a stop, check, or stay; seizure by legal authority.

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Usage examples "arrest":

  1. Countess Ammiani wrote to Laura, telling her she scarcely hoped that Carlo would obtain his liberty save upon the arrest of Angelo:-" Therefore, what I most desire, I dare not pray for!" - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.
  2. I was sure, from the very whisper in which he had spoken, that the last thing in the world he wanted was to have that agreement made public by my arrest. - "In the Bishop's Carriage", Miriam Michelson.
  3. I had to see you- I've been three days now- waiting- all the time for them to come and arrest you. - "The Prelude to Adventure", Hugh Walpole.