Part of speech: noun

A Place for the storing of arms, the assembling of troops, etc.

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Usage examples "armory":

  1. Altogether, it was quite an armory. - "On the Pampas", G. A. Henty.
  2. After all was over, and as I stood by the side of the covered mortal remains I thought: " You have fulfilled your promise to the wife, your duty now is to the many living, suffering, wounded officers committed to your care in your ward at Armory Square General Hospital," and I left the house in deep meditation. - "Lincoln's Last Hours", Charles A. Leale.
  3. The three brothers had met in the great throne- room and armory of the palace, into which Gelimer had now moved; the open windows afforded a magnificent view of the harbors and the sea beyond them; the north wind brought a refreshing breath from the salt tide. - "The Scarlet Banner", Felix Dahn.