Part of speech: noun

A large, richly laden ship.

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Usage examples "argosy":

  1. Let him sail safely into Algiers with these two ships both captured in the name of Allah and his Prophet, one of them an argosy so richly fraught, a floating treasure- house, and he need have little fear of what his enemies and the crafty evil Sicilian woman might have wrought against him in his absence. - "The Sea-Hawk", Raphael Sabatini.
  2. Maseden, meanwhile, was pulling the trunk free from the twisted frame of the bunk, which, screwed to the deck, had carried a precious argosy nearly a mile from the reef; then, most luckily, it had caught in a clump of seaweed, and remained anchored during two ebbs. - "His Unknown Wife", Louis Tracy.
  3. O, make my soul an argosy of song, Tranquilly floating on a sea of peace, As with her rowers beautiful and strong Some trireme bears among the Isles of Greece With music- muffled oars! - "Vacation Verse", W. M. MacKeracher.