Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "ares":

  1. 60 It is not their custom however to make images, altars or temples to any except Ares, but to him it is their custom to make them. - "The History Of Herodotus Volume 1(of 2)", Herodotus.
  2. She advanced to the altar in the centre of the orchestra, and informed the spectators that, during the absence of Ares in aid of a certain great military expedition, which was shortly to decide the diadem of Rome, and the liberty, prosperity, and supremacy of Egypt and Alexandria, Aphrodite had returned to her lawful allegiance, and submitted for the time being to the commands of her husband, Hephaestus; that he, as the deity of artificers, felt a peculiar interest in the welfare of the city of Alexandria, the workshop of the world, and had, as a sign of his especial favour, prevailed upon his fair spouse to exhibit, for this once, her beauties to the assembled populace, and, in the unspoken poetry of motion, to represent to them the emotions with which, as she arose new- born from the sea, she first surveyed that fair expanse of heaven and earth of which she now reigned undisputed queen. - "Hypatia or, New Foes with an Old Face", Charles Kingsley.
  3. 4. The Amazons were once the daughters of Ares, living by the river Thermodon, and they alone of the inhabitants of that region were armed with metal, and first of all they mounted horses, by which they unexpectedly, because of the inexperience of their adversaries, overtook those who fled from them, and they left their pursuers far behind. - "The Orations of Lysias", Lysias.