Part of speech: noun

A high official in a diocese.

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Usage examples "archdeacon":

  1. Geoffrey, Archdeacon of Norwich, who was intrusted with a considerable office in the court of exchequer, being informed of it while sitting on the bench, observed to his colleagues the danger of serving under an excommunicated king; and he immediately left his chair, and departed the court. - "The History of England, Volume I", David Hume.
  2. The worship of, by Southern- Slavonic races not adequately studied, 14; has not yet vanished from the creed of the Balkans, 30 Nedelyko, Archdeacon. - "Hero Tales and Legends of the Serbians", Woislav M. Petrovitch.
  3. At Red River I called on the Reverend Archdeacon Cowley at his Indian Mission home. - "By Canoe and Dog-Train", Egerton Ryerson Young.