Part of speech: noun

A spindle or axle.

Part of speech: noun

A tree.

Part of speech: noun

A vine- clad bower; a shaded walk or nook.

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Usage examples "arbor":

  1. He was smoking peacefully in the shade of an arbor hung with blue grapes. - "Romance of the Rabbit", Francis Jammes.
  2. The waves looked so blue, and the air was so delicious, that he was resolved he would treat himself to a row upon the sparkling waters; so he hired a little boat, and then got some long branches from the trees on the shore, and stuck them all around the edges of his boat, and tied them together by their tops, so as to make an arbor in the boat, and got in and rowed himself about, whistling all the tunes he knew for his music, to his heart's content. - "The Pedler of Dust Sticks", Eliza Lee Follen.
  3. Lady Talbot was very charming to the children, played hide- and- seek with them, and gave them a delightful and varied tea in the yew arbor. - "Harding's luck", E. [Edith] Nesbit.