Part of speech: noun

A recess or termination, as of a church, properly semicircular, with a semidome.

Part of speech: noun

The eastern or altar end of a church.

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Usage examples "apse":

  1. The eastern apse, too, has been replaced by a square end. - "England of My Heart--Spring", Edward Hutton.
  2. One distinctly northern feature there is; namely, the singular effect given by the double apse of the nave and choir, reminiscent mainly of the Rhine builders, that of the eastern end being much the older. - "The Cathedrals of Northern France", Francis Miltoun.
  3. On the right rose the walls of the apse and the heavy eastern domes of the Cathedral; in front rose the ramparts; on the left an old, half- ruined tower of the fourteenth century lifted a frowning ivy- covered head. - "The Red Cockade", Stanley J. Weyman.