Part of speech: verb

To put a value on officially; value.

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Usage examples "appraise":

  1. They enable him to display motives, to appraise actions, to reveal moral forces. - "Tacitus: The Histories, Volumes I and II", Caius Cornelius Tacitus.
  2. 309. Critics whine, critics praise, critics appraise, critics condemn , critics dismiss , critics ignore , critics avoid. - "PoPHILO", Dom.
  3. But we must be generous to all beautiful intention, and quick to see any faintest beckoning of the divine quality; and indeed I would not have most people aim at too critical an attitude, for I believe it is more important to enjoy than to appraise; still we must keep the principle in sight, and not degenerate into mere collectors of beautiful impressions. - "Joyous Gard", Arthur Christopher Benson.