What does the word aplomb mean?

Usage examples for aplomb

  1. At last the news did come- a long arrear all in a gush: a letter from a female friend in Shrewsbury; a return of the sentences, sent up for the Judge; and most important, because most easily got at, being told with great aplomb and brevity, the long- deferred intelligence of the Shrewsbury Assizes in the Morning Advertiser. – Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
  2. Paul, however, never lost his accustomed aplomb. – The Master Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve and John W. Grey
  3. She had a quiet aplomb, which would be called 'sang- froid' in a man. – Mrs. Falchion, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 12, 2009