Part of speech: noun

A plant- louse. aphid.

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Usage examples "aphis":

  1. Many, too, were discouraged by the fact 'they are the most of any plant that grows subject to the various mutations of the air, mildews sometimes totally destroying them, ' no doubt an allusion to the aphis blight. - "A Short History of English Agriculture", W. H. R. Curtler.
  2. American Blight, or Woolly Aphis, on Apples especially, causes the tumour- like swellings covered with sticky white fluff, which is a waxy excretion of the insect. - "Disease in Plants", H. Marshall Ward.
  3. The aphis, or plant- louse, sometimes attacks the young, tender shoots of the vine. - "The Home Acre", E. P. Roe.