Part of speech: adjective

Marked by anticipation.

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Usage examples "anticipatory":

  1. And yet at the end of a quarter of an hour of such meditation he found that he was constructing an interview which was anything but dull, at least in his own anticipatory opinion. - "Sant' Ilario", F. Marion Crawford.
  2. He smiled in anticipatory pleasure at Tim's discomfiture and surprise. - "The Flockmaster of Poison Creek", George W. Ogden.
  3. It is, to say the least, extremely doubtful if the event would have been substantially different in the absence of that special provocation to competitive preparedness that has been injected into the situation by this German attitude; but the rate of approach to a warlike climax has doubtless been hastened by the anticipatory policy of preparedness which the Prussian dynasty has seen itself constrained to pursue. - "An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation", Thorstein Veblen.