Part of speech: adjective

Odd; fantastic; ludicrous.

Part of speech: noun

A prank; caper; clown; buffoon.

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Usage examples "antic":

  1. The English words, by which we attempt to render them, are either vulgar or antic, or not of sufficiently general application. - "The Death of Wallenstein A Play", Frederich Schiller.
  2. This man he had once betrayed by a base surrender to appetite; now in antic irony, it was this man's crime that had betrayed him, Harry Sevier, to the same dilemma and a like shameful penalty. - "The Long Lane's Turning", Hallie Erminie Rives.
  3. The black limbs grapple with each other; here one has dragged his neighbour over, and he lies with arms outstretched, writhen into antic twists and curves, as if he had died in torment; there, in singular contrast, are two friends,- oaks, were they once? - "Hildegarde's Neighbors", Laura E. Richards.