Part of speech: noun

The science of man.

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Usage examples "anthropology":

  1. Not one of them is aware that independent science, that comparative anatomy, physiology, psychology, anthropology, that philosophy of history altogether and thoroughly repudiate all these superficially asserted, or tried- to- be- established, intrinsic diversities and peculiarities of races. - "Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862", Adam Gurowski.
  2. Unfortunately, authorities are now greatly divided on several important questions in anthropology, and it is not possible to speak with even a reasonable degree of certainty on many things. - "Folklore as an Historical Science", George Laurence Gomme.
  3. The study of anthropology, so greatly enriched to- day by discovery and investigation, would give us much to say under both of these heads, but most, I think, under the last. - "Modern Society", Julia Ward Howe.