Part of speech: noun

One of the feelers of an insect.

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Usage examples "antenna":

  1. In this instant, Alan jammed his hands into an insect hill and hurled the pile of dirt and insects directly at the robot's antenna. - "Survival Tactics", Al Sevcik.
  2. But although he laughed at my 'fancies, ' I could not but notice he was always getting me to tell them, yet as if for some end of his own which I never could discover; for often when he had set me going in this way, I could feel myself pushed forth from him, as if I were the antenna of some insect with which he was exploring unknown regions, and making in his own wise head conclusions with which I had nothing to do. - "The Magician's Show Box and Other Stories", Lydia Maria Child.
  3. The antenna was next. - "The Flying Stingaree", Harold Leland Goodwin.