Part of speech: noun

A small insect; an emmet.

Part of speech:

Against. See ANTI-.

Part of speech:

In the act or process of doing; as, millitani, litigani, etc.

Part of speech:

One who does; as servani, one who serves.

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Usage examples "ant":

  1. Giant unable to injure him, for he first becomes an ant, then vanishes. - "Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore", Fay-Cooper Cole.
  2. To himself he called trailherd- but father's cattle did not carry white lumps of stuff on their heads, and furthermore, they all walked together in the same direction; whereas the ant herd traveled both ways. - "Cow-Country", B. M. Bower.
  3. " Thank you very much," said the biggest ant. - "Uncle Wiggily's Travels", Howard R. Garis.