Part of speech: noun

The spirit and practise of the Church of England, or of the High Church party.

Part of speech: noun

Attachment to the Church of England, or to England and its institutions.

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Usage examples "anglicanism":

  1. Her husband, absorbed in his military life, silent, narrowly able, and governed by a strict Anglicanism that seemed to carry with it innumerable " shalts" and " shalt nots," disagreeable to the natural man or woman, soon found her a tiring and trying companion. - "Lady Rose's Daughter", Mrs. Humphry Ward.
  2. Besides the Havilands, with Mr. Knowles and his friend Mr. St. John, there was Mr. Flaxman Reed, who, as Audrey now discovered, greatly to her satisfaction, was causing some excitement in the religious world by his interesting attitude mid- way between High Anglicanism and Rome. - "Audrey Craven", May Sinclair.
  3. Lost in these entrancing recollections of Anglicanism as it once was, but will never be again, I have wandered far from my theme. - "Collections and Recollections", George William Erskine Russell.