Part of speech: noun

A plant of the crowfoot family; a windflower.

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Usage examples "anemone":

  1. To the poet's question James and John would answer that they " went out to see the blue lupin and salvia, the purple hyacinth, the yellow and white crocus, the scarlet poppy, and gladiolus, the flowering almond, the crimson and pink anemone." - "A Life of St. John for the Young", George Ludington Weed.
  2. The graceful dwarf anemone seemingly fit into this early scheme, their delicate blossoms giving a touch of daintiness. - "Garden Ornaments", Mary H. Northend.
  3. There stood a blue anemone, he crushed it with the barrel of his gun. - "The Ice-Maiden: and Other Tales.", Hans Christian Andersen.