Part of speech: noun

A place for anchoring.

Part of speech: noun

A coming to or lying at anchor.

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Usage examples "anchorage":

  1. The landing place and supply base of the army must be secured against torpedo attack, and the principle of concentration of effort would suggest that the means of defence should not be attenuated by providing the covering squadron with a defended anchorage elsewhere. - "Some Principles of Maritime Strategy", Julian Stafford Corbett.
  2. Not the slightest chance for harbor or anchorage could be discovered along the whole iron- bound coast, yet the gallant little Sea- sprite held steadily on her course, steering broad for the base of the mountains. - "The Portland Sketch Book", Various.
  3. The chief had undoubtedly ordered the craft away from this particular anchorage lest it be too readily seen. - "As It Was in the Beginning", Philip Verrill Mighels.