Part of speech: adjective

Of, pertaining to, or inherited from an ancestor.

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Usage examples "ancestral":

  1. Vaguely he thought that some day he would return to his own ancestral home in Sussex, when England would have become English once again; in the meanwhile he was content to drift on the placid waters of life, his luxurious craft guided by the domineering hand of his wife. - "Petticoat Rule", Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy.
  2. Now more than ever there came to his mind the ancestral letter which his father had inclosed to him- the message from old Ralph Brandon in the treasure- ship. - "Cord and Creese", James de Mille.
  3. Accordingly they despatched Agesilaus as ambassador to the Mantineans, choosing him as the recognised ancestral friend of that people. - "Hellenica", Xenophon.