Part of speech: noun

One who analyzes; an expert in analysis.

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Usage examples "analyst":

  1. The visit to the analyst had done nothing to dispel his ennui. - "Monkey On His Back", Charles V. De Vet.
  2. His The Red Badge of Courage won him wide recognition as a keen analyst. - "Stories of Authors, British and American", Edwin Watts Chubb.
  3. Indulgent by nature, and somewhat indolent, she had been more than willing that Morty should enjoy his new authority, should even delude himself that he was footing all the bills, poor dear; and she listened raptly to his evening visions of their future life in Burlingame, alternated with visits to New York and England, the while she puzzled over the intricacies of some character portrayed by a master analyst. - "The Sisters-In-Law", Gertrude Atherton.