Part of speech: adverb

In alternate order; by turns.

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Usage examples "alternately":

  1. The shelves are disposed in compartments, alternately wide and narrow, the former being set slightly in advance of the latter, so as to break the monotony of a bookcase of uniform width extending the whole length of a long room. - "The Care of Books", John Willis Clark.
  2. In a day or two he went home, and I thought no more about him, until Tom, who had been to the post- office, brought Mabel a letter, which made her turn red and white alternately, until at last she cried. - "Homestead on the Hillside", Mary Jane Holmes.
  3. Knit and rib 3 stitches alternately for 3 rounds. - "The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book", Miss Watts.