Part of speech: noun

A plant with thick, fleshy leaves.

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Usage examples "aloe":

  1. On their banks stood many cities, indeed the greatest of these, Mexico, seemed to float upon the waters; beyond them and about them were green fields of corn and aloe, and groves of forest trees, while far away towered the black wall of rock that hedges in the valley. - "Montezuma's Daughter", H. Rider Haggard.
  2. Not a single shell had reached them, for a clump of aloe trees stood a hundred yards away, which the English presumably had taken for Boers, judging by the terrific bombardment these trees were being subjected to. - "My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War", Ben Viljoen.
  3. He says it is as if all the date palms of the desert bore their fruit together, and in all the dry places, where men and camels have died of thirst in bygone years, running springs burst forth, and as if the sand were covered with millions of golden flowers big as the flower of the aloe. - "The Garden Of Allah", Robert Hichens.