Part of speech:

Form of Latin ad-. to, before l, as in allocation.

Part of speech:

The: the Arabic definite article, as in Alkoran.

Part of speech:

Of, like, or pertaining to; forming adjectives from other adjectives and nouns, and nouns from verbs; as, denial. musical.

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Usage examples "al":

  1. And as it is of speach, so of al other our behauiours. - "The Arte of English Poesie", George Puttenham.
  2. Roos was very keen to have the wedding postponed to the following morning, and changed to an al fresco affair which he could shoot with good light. - "Down the Columbia", Lewis R. Freeman.
  3. The Saracens having prevented the approach of the vessels that were coming to the camp with provisions, the king, as a last resource, offered to give up the city of Damietta to the Sultan Malek al Moadhem, if he would agree to restore Jerusalem to the Christians, the Counts of Poiton and Anjou remaining in Egypt as hostages. - "The Boy's Book of Heroes", Helena Peake.