Part of speech:

To pretend; counterfeit.

Part of speech: verb

To act upon; influence; move emotionally.

Part of speech: verb

To be fond of; love; haunt; frequent.

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Usage examples "affect":

  1. For, by the pow'rs of heav'n, I'll not allow That you, although her father, wish her better Than I. I love her on my son's account; To whom, I'm well convinc'd, she is as dear As he is to himself: and I can tell How deeply 'twill affect him, if he knows this. - "The Comedies of Terence", Publius Terentius Afer.
  2. You know perfectly well just how they affect her. - "The Heart of Arethusa", Francis Barton Fox.
  3. He could not affect the mind of the lawyer; might he reach now, perhaps, the soul of the man? - "The Lifted Bandage", Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews.