Part of speech: noun

The science of navigating the air.

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Usage examples "aeronautics":

  1. In August, 1783- an eventful year in the history of aeronautics- the first gas- inflated balloon was sent up, of course unaccompanied by a passenger. - "The Mastery of the Air", William J. Claxton.
  2. Rick checked in at the Philippine Aeronautics Commission, seeking information on the airport at Baguio. - "The Golden Skull", John Blaine.
  3. The title of our introduction to aeronautics may appear ambitious to astronomers, and to those who know that the infinite space we call the heavens is for ever inaccessible to travellers from the earth; but it was not so considered by those who witnessed the ardent enthusiasm evoked at the ascension of the first balloon. - "Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies", Fulgence Marion.