Part of speech: noun

A serpent.

Part of speech: noun

A poisonous serpent; the common European viper.

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Usage examples "adder":

  1. Saxham started as though an adder had flashed its fangs through his boot. - "The Dop Doctor", Clotilde Inez Mary Graves.
  2. He darted aside to catch up a branch, and then ran in and struck boldly at the adder, which reared hissing to meet him. - "Into the Primitive", Robert Ames Bennet.
  3. And rather thoughtfully she disengaged herself from the sheltering arm of that all too sympathetic young man, and went forward, shivering a little as the hiss of the enraged adder broke out from the uncongenial mud where he had unwillingly landed. - "The Firing Line", Robert W. Chambers.