Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective

Liable to be called to account; responsible.

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Usage examples "accountable":

  1. " I am sorry to have to interfere," said Hester, " but my friends are in my house, and I am accountable for their entertainment. - "Weighed and Wanting", George MacDonald.
  2. She can make a world of her own without being accountable to any one, but she has come perilously near to loving Floyd Grandon, when she considered love no longer a temptation, had dismissed it as a puerile insanity of youth. - "Floyd Grandon's Honor", Amanda Minnie Douglas.
  3. He's been drinkin', an' is not accountable for his actions, so we'd better be a- gittin'. - "The Nightrider's Feud", Walter C. McConnell.