Part of speech: noun

An accomplishing; completion.

Part of speech: noun

An elegant acquirement.

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Usage examples "accomplishment":

  1. The aristocracy in Charles's days had been under the impression that poetry, or at least verse writing, was becoming an accomplishment for a nobleman. - "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century", Leslie Stephen.
  2. The pulpit, met by its own weapons and in its own field, will have to a certainty to measure its strength against it; and the standard of pulpit accomplishment and of theological education, instead of being lowered, must in consequence be greatly elevated. - "Leading Articles on Various Subjects", Hugh Miller.
  3. Good horsemanship was not so common among the young men of the place and its neighborhood that Maurice's accomplishment in that way could be overlooked. - "A Mortal Antipathy", Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr..