Part of speech: verb

To shout applause; applaud; proclaim.

Part of speech: noun

A shout, as of applause.

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Usage examples "acclaim":

  1. The active hands of a great navigator lay still, folded over the courageous heart that had long been broken; the heart that had been thrilled by the acclaim of the populace, and then chilled by the frowns of its sovereigns; the hands that had been bedecked with jewels by Ferdinand and Isabella, and later laden by them with chains. - "Colorado--The Bright Romance of American History", F. C. Grable.
  2. Earl Grey, Lord Holland, and the brilliant Canning wrote him letters of cordial acclaim; Walter Scott, the generous, the magnanimous, hailed him brother, and would always have his books by him; none of his poems appeared without the warmest welcome, the most discriminating and applausive criticism from Jeffrey, the first critic of his long day. - "Imaginary Interviews", W. D. Howells.
  3. If the world at large did not acclaim her, there was no lack of appreciation on the part of her fellow workers. - "Gigolo", Edna Ferber.