What does the word accentuate mean?

    Part of speech: noun

  • Accentuation.

  • Part of speech: verb transitive

  • To give accent to; emphasize.

Usage examples for accentuate

  1. To the psychiatrist it is a matter of common occurrence to see the mentally diseased not only dissimulate very ingeniously and tactfully mental symptoms so that it is frequently impossible to convince a jury of laymen of the existence of mental disorder, but at times, when the necessity arises, they consciously accentuate their symptoms or frankly malinger. – Studies in Forensic Psychiatry by Bernard Glueck
  2. The situation was precisely one of the suddenly- arising and acute crises in warfare which accentuate the difference between races. – The Wheel O' Fortune by Louis Tracy
  3. Other Socialists then, and many Socialists now, endeavoured by all means to accentuate their differences from other people. – The History of the Fabian Society by Edward R. Pease