Part of speech: noun

A bitter, aromatic liqueur flavored with wormwood.

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Usage examples "absinthe":

  1. Absinthe, brandy, rum, champagne, beer, and wine had all been consumed, and the labels lay alongside of each other. - "Fighting France", Stephane Lauzanne.
  2. Then both betook themselves briskly to one of the little tables under the chestnuts opposite, where they procured two tall glasses of horrible green absinthe, which they could drink apparently in any weather and at any time. - "The Wisdom of Father Brown", G. K. Chesterton.
  3. He laughed at the days when he had thought of the priesthood, blushed when he ran across any of those tender and exquisite old verses he had written in his youth, and became addicted to absinthe and other less peculiar drinks, and to gaming a little to escape a madness of ennui. - "The Shape of Fear", Elia W. Peattie.